The ComNet 2013 international conference is scheduled to conduct in Hyderabad, India.


6-1-70, Lakdi-ka-pul,
Hyderabad, India - 04.
(W): +91-4023230105/66510222/30620222
(F): +91-4066510220
(M): +91-8008200222/ 8499862220

Contact Person At the venue

Sahadeba Samal
FNB Manager,
(M): +91-9666667632


IMPORTANT NOTICE: More Hyderabad Accomodation Details » Hotel List, The conference organizers have not checked the safety and quality aspects of the hotels published in the list. We encourage authors to check and satisfy all the aspects before the booking is made. The conference organizers will not be responsible and liable for any possible damage occur thereafter.



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